Dec 6, 2006

More on Kate, the Cahthlicks friend

Kate has spawned a new set of Cups and memorabilia with her 'intelligent' remarks about Catholics
Halp us Kte were catoliks

Being Ill, nearly dying!!

I have not been posting as I have been ill. Sick you say 'it must have been bad'. Yes it was and still is. I have had a cold, a really bad cold, thick head, could not breathe. Now I have developed the 'cough'. Yes the 'hacking cough'. I have taken all the medicine, 'Panadol', throat lozenges, 'Beechams Honey and Lemon', even used the 'Vick inhaler' and I am still sick. I turned on the TV for a little light relief and discover we are going to put a permanent space station on the Moon as a stepping stone to exploring Mars. Cure my 'COLD' I shout!!