Oct 20, 2007

Ruined Church on Inishmore

I took this photo on one of the Aran Islands Inishmore early one morning. Some people say they can se a Bishop in the picture.
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Oct 2, 2007

Drunk Scots Vote

SCOTS really rate the Holyrood Parliament - though they weren't too sure of it at first.

A survey by whisky makers Grant's ranked Londoners' and Scots' impressions of the greatest Scottish innovations of the past 50 years.

Scots rated the parliament first, followed by the Forth Road Bridge and Dolly the sheep.

Glasgow art museum the Burrell Collection was fourth, followed by Harry Potter.

But Londoners ranked the Forth Road Bridge top - and even found room for the deep fried Mars Bar in sixth place.

Grant's master blender David Stewart said: "It's sad that for some, Scotland will be forever associated with deep-fried snacks. Perhaps Londoners need to get out of the capital."


As voted for by Scots

1 The Scottish parliament 22%

2 The Forth Road Bridge 22%

3 Dolly the sheep 15%

4 The Burrell Collection 10%

5 Harry Potter 7%

6 Megabus 4%

7 Edinburgh International Book Festival 2%

8 Ultimo Bra 2%

9 Rab C Nesbitt 2%

10 Scottish Ballet 1%

This poll was published by a Scots whisky maker, Have another one Jimmie!!