Dec 31, 2008

Death to all ???

I find it difficult to comment on this. As I am not sure which kind of 'Juice' he dislikes so much. This picture says a great deal about the American education system, or maybe the Mullah only taught him how to spell death.
Photo taken at a protest in Manhatten

What Israel is doing is nothing to do with peace but its own selfish security concerns

I post this from the blog of the lovable folks at "Simply Jewish"

"In London the mainstream media have been warned to avoid the subject in phone-in's to avoid escalating tensions, but that is unrealistic.  What Israel has done again, is look at its own security concerns and forget that of other nations like ours.

4000 known active Islamic terrorists operate in the UK, what more of an excuse do they need now to carry out a heinous act on people who are not from Israel?"  The full piece can be found at The London Daily News

Dec 29, 2008

Military Official escapes from Iran

This story can't possibly be true, the lovable President of Iran gave his Christmas message on Channel 4. I am sure they would not give a torturer space on their Channel!!
"According to Tabnak’s( Tabnak is one of the most credible news agencies in Iran. Turkish sources, Colonel Arian escaped because he was against the torturing of Iranian opposition figures inside Iran. To raise awareness, he subsequently started communicating with international human right agencies via email. This raised the suspicion of Iran’s intelligence agency, which installed hidden spy cameras in his office. Arian’s life was also threatened, and as a result of this he decided to escape to Turkey with his family."

Dec 24, 2008

Mary Meets Elizabeth

Here is a link to a rather remarkable painting of Mary meeting Elizabeth. I think it picks up beautifully the 'she went with 'haste' in the biblical story

The Church of the Holy Punch

How these Christians love each other...A really sad piece of video, these people should be ashamed of themselves

Dec 7, 2008

Advent Hope

I came upon these words this week whilst doing my Advent reading and the they touched my heart

There is a God whose light shines in every darkness
There is a God who hears every lament
There is a God who transforms even the deepest grief
Therefore you have hope:
You shall sing again, but with a different tune
You shall dance again, but with a different step
You shall laugh again, but with a different breath
Not yet, but one day,
For there is a God who heals your wound with the gentlest hand.

Dec 2, 2008

Scrooge is Alive in Aberdeen

"Due to cuts there are no wisemen this year, we apologise for any inconvenience". says Aberdeen Council

“It is a sad state of affairs when the council can’t even provide a decent Christmas for the people of Aberdeen.”

The main events for the Winter Festival, including a carol concert, Christmas lights switch-on and Hogmanay street party – are still due to take place.

An Aberdeen City Council spokesman said: “No decisions have yet been taken on the Winter Festival. A report on this year's events will be considered on Tuesday by the resources management committee, whose members will make decisions.”
It appears to be a spokesman(surely spokesperson0 you have to be an idiot who celebrates a "winterfestival" whatever that that is