Mar 10, 2007

A Follow up to the Schori story

Now Jon Kerry has got it in the neck..

God & Mammon

I just thought this poor chap needed a little more publicity....

"My name is David M. Kees. I own The Buzz Café at 340 Florida St. downtown. I am unable to get a license to serve alcohol because of the 300-foot ordinance and my restaurant’s proximity to St. James Episcopal Church.

I have tried for two years to open my restaurant in the evening from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. The only alternative for me is to get written permission from the church in the form of a waiver.

The church (represented by Mark Holland) declined to grant me that document! I still respect Father Holland and the church, but as of Feb. 23 I am fed up with the hypocritical statements and actions by the church.

St. James allows alcohol at receptions and its own Super Bowl parties. On Feb. 23, the church closed off the parking lane on Fourth Street to sell gumbo to the public during lunch. This is direct competition for my restaurant and customer parking.

The church now appears to be a monopoly on the restaurant, catering, education, and worship business (in that order). Thank you for your time.

David M. Kees
café owner
Baton Rouge"

Plus they have he most awful website..St James