May 23, 2009

"The campaign to expose MPs' Commons expense claims has become so personal that
it has started to resemble a McCarthy-style witch-hunt, a Tory backbencher
said today.
Nadine Dorries, the Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire, also warned that the relentless drip-drip of leaked claims was creating such an atmosphere of terror that there was a real risk of an MP committing suicide.
"People are seriously beginning to crack," Ms Dorries told the Today
programme on BBC Radio 4. "The last day in Parliament this week was, I
would say, completely unbearable. "I have never been in an atmosphere or environment like it, when people walk around with terror in their eyes and people are genuinely concerned, asking, 'Have you seen so and so? Are they in their office? They've not been seen for days.'

One MP is very concerned that the expenses row will cause a suicide, this would be very sad. Is they saying that they should not have been exposed with their snouts in the trough because the revelations are upsetting their delicate feelings.It does seem that this Ms Dorries is not in touch with reality, folks don't trust MP's unde normal circumstances this has just confirmed our suspicions.