Jul 21, 2006

Archbishop accuses Hezbollah of using Lebanese as human shields

The Archbishop of Canterbury in an interview on Radio 4 this morning accused the Hezbollah terrorists of using the Lebanese as human shields in their war against Israel. After there invasion into Israel, and the capture of the two Israeli soldiers Hezbollah has continued to fire rockets at civilian targets in Israel. These rockets are fired from villages and from amongst the civilian population of Lebanon.
The BBC and the British media have become quiet hysterical about the evacuation of about 4000 people from Lebanon and compared it to Dunkirks 470,000 people not much difference?.
Whilst a few hundred die in Lebanon,deplorable as it is, thousands die in Darfur, Somalia etc. without even a mention. Is it because they are black?. Hundreds die in Mumbai bombing, not a mention on the TV, or radio this week.

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