May 17, 2008

"The Apprentice" or the progress of some truly nasty People

I have been watching the BBC programme 'The Apprentice' the idea is the 'best' apprentice gets a job with Alan Sugar, sorry 'Sir Alan'. I must admit the programme has a kind of fatal fascination. It does remind me of the TV series 'Men Behaving Badly' except we have women as well, equality rules. These people are set against each other to perform various 'business tasks' They are split into teams and are supposed to work together. We then watch them trying to assassinate each other. There are some truly awful people on this show one of them being a 'nice Jewish boy' called Michael. He was so Jewish he did not know what a 'kosher chicken' was and before going into the boardroom to face the evil Sir Alan crossed himself. In the last show he survived by grovelling and pleading in a Smarm, smarm, excuse my sweaty palm way reminiscent of Dickens and Uriah Heep. Sir Alan who acts normally like Ming the Merciless, melted before this abject grovelling performance. And as in all god serials we ask ourselves will he survive next week.

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