Jan 10, 2009


The Rev. Susan Bear, sent this letter-to-the- The ReThe Living Church:

"I was chosen by the Church Pension Group to participate in a survey more or
less about ordained women and second-career clergy that evidently was
mandated by General Convention. It had the usual "extremely satisfied, somewhat
satisfied . . .dissatisfied . . ." opportunities to respond. There were some
yes/no, etc. The survey took more than an hour.

Finallly the survey asked for biographical data. Are you "married,"
"single," "remarried after a divorce," "widowed," "living with a partner not
married," and several other options. Mind you, this is a survey that targets mostly
ordained people. The clincher was "Gender." There were three choices--Male,
Female, Other (type in something). Evidently "male and female God created them"
is no longer adequate for our sophisticated, politically correct times.

Frankly, I always thought if you had something whacked off or something
added on you simply moved to the other side of the aisle. Silly, old-fashioned
me. I guess this means I'll have to add a third bathroom in the Parish Hall."

At first I thought this was really funny, but the more I considered it I realised it is very very sad.

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