Apr 13, 2009

The Lost Book

How is this for a lost book story. On Thursday last, Maundy Thursday, I went to Exeter to go to a Service at the Cathedral. As I passed "Waterstones" book shop Satan tempted me and I went in. There he passed before my eyes a wondrous world of books. Then he dangled before me final temptation 3 for 2 three books for the price of two. He had me in his evil grip I could not resist. I bought 'Marlborough' the new biography in paperback 'Requiem' by Robyn Young and 'The Shack' to give to a friend. I handed them in I did notice the assistant had some trouble with scanning the books in, but that was all. I arrive home later that day with my bag of books ready to read my 'Marlborough' At this point I can hear Satan laughing or is it the Lord?. My beloved "Marlborough" has been replaced by a 'Phillipa Gregory bodice ripper. "Woe is me, I cry". Exeter is 40 miles from my home town.

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