Jun 15, 2006

Not a abomination

""Tom Wright, the Bishop of Durham in the UK, warned that a moratorium was needed on creating any bishops living with a same-sex partner until there was consensus in the church.

But in an impassioned speech, Bishop Robinson argued that the question was whether the church recognised the life of Christ in its gay and lesbian members.

It was not primarily about the future of the worldwide Anglican communion, he said.

"I am not an abomination before God," he said. "Please, I beg you, let's say our prayers and stand up for right."

He told the BBC that resolutions proposed by the convention were part of a conversation - one that he would not shy away from.

"I won't walk away. I will stay here and I will talk with anyone who is willing to talk. I will be as faithfully true as I can be with people who can be equally as faithful," he said."

This quote was taken from the BBCnews site. What does the last sentence by Roinson mean? It sounds like 'Spong speak'

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