Nov 23, 2008

Induction & Installation at Exeter Cathedral

Today I have been to the Induction and Installation of our local Rector as a Canon(Prebendary) of Exeter Cathedral. This is considered an honour in the Church of England. The service was conducted within the normal Cathedral Evensong Service. The worship supported by the Cathedral Choir was inspiring, but below is a quote from the service sheet about what the Canons got up to before entering the Cathedral.


¶ At 2. 45p the College of Canons, vested in copes, and the Commissioner for Oaths proceed from the Canons' Vestry to gather in the Chapter House.

¶ The bells shall be tolled meanwhile in the accustomed manner.

.    ¶ The Dean, acting as President of the College of Canons, then nominates the Installers of the new Prebendaries.

¶ At 2.50pm the Clerks to be collated and installed, habited in cassock and surplice, are conducted from the Chapel of St John the Baptist to the Chapter House.

¶ The Clerks shall make the customary Declaration of Assent, the Oath of Allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen, and the Oath of Canonical Obedience to the Bishop of Exeter. Having signed the declarations and Oaths, they are then vested in a cope.

¶ The Dean shall then say:

Will the Virger ascertain if there are any contumacious persons without?

¶ The Virger, having drawn back the wicket and looked without, shall say All is well without, Mr Dean.

¶ Then the Dean shall say:

Let the Great Doors be opened.

¶ At 2.57 pm the members of the Cathedral body shall leave the Chapter House and proceed to enter the Cathedral by Bishop Brewer's Door and go to their places in the Quire.

This procession was led by the Virger carrying the "Dog Whippers Stick", by the way this is the correct way to spell 'Virger'

Contumacious (kon-too-may-shuhs) is an adjective that means rebellious, disobedient, obstinately resistant to authority, stubbornly perverse, insubordinate, and rebellious

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Steve Hayes said...

I picture flunkeys in full riot gear, with helmets and perspex shields, keeping the contumacious persons at bay.