Jul 10, 2011

We Remember The Most Holy Trinity

The Most Holy Trinity, icon written by Monika Glass. It is to be seen in Ballintubber Abbey, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

The icon takes us back to the oaks at Mamre: Abraham and Sara the unseen old couple have visitors. Their visitors are the Divine Presence. At table the Three are One. The icon, commissioned for Ballintubber Abbey, reminds us that the Trinity was central to St Patrick's spirirtuality.
There's an echo of St John's gospel in this icon, with Jesus speaking so strikingly of the Father and the Holy Spirit; echoes, too, of St Paul's greetings in his letters to the young Christian communities, and a sense of the wonderful hymns of praise to the Lamb of God in the Book of Revelation (4-5)
The icon is profoundly eucharistic. It is liturgy in itself: table, altar, chalice, meal, all lead us towards prayer and song, inspire us to praise, to share. The icon's colours, in their harmony and density, accentuate this aspect of celebration.

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