Nov 6, 2006

Disaster with Dell, I tried to buy a Laptop

On 16th October I tried to purchase a Dell laptop over the telephone. What a disasterous joke this has become.
I had not heard anything from Dell after 14 days, I decided to ring the number I had been given, this number included a extension number to use where I would get in immediate touch with the actual person I originally spoke to if anything goes wrong. Now this is good sales service I thought. Well you know what thought did?. Unfortunately the first time I rang the nice Indian gentleman Kumar is his name by the way, said on his answerphone he is out of the Office, too bad I think I will ring again, so I rang the next day and the next day, and the next day. O dear Kumar must be ill I think, but he has very kindly given me another number to ring. This time a nice Indian lady, sadly she is out of the office, well she has got to have her dinner sometime I think, so I ring again, and again.... Now I am getting a little concerned, maybe some epidemic has struck, I have read that in India there are some strange tropical diseases. So I search the Dell site for a number to ring, find one 'Customer Care' it is called. So I ring atlast someone still alive another Indian gentleman, very nicely, who assures me Kumar is alive and well. He will put a message in 'his box', his words, and Kumar will get back to me. Three days later Kumar must still be sick, or maybe the person I spoke to recently has also been struck down. I now decide to email the complaints department, actually called 'Customer Assistance' I email my concerns one being that Kumar has taken my credit card details and I am worried that in his feverish state he may divulge them to others. The form I fill in is headed
" If somehow we have not delivered the quality of service you deserve as a Dell customer, please complete this form"

I am now really concerned, maybe I have done something terrible and I 'deserve' this treatment. Also I am concerned that my case number is as follows 20061104134853362. Is this the number of other who people have 'deserved' this 'quality of service'. Three days later no reply to my email. I decide to ring again,(I must be mad). I try Kumar for one last time, he is still 'sick', though his answer machine message has been updated. I ring 'Customer Care' I now realise this name is just part of the evil sense of humour they have at Dell. I get another charming Indian lady called I think 'Sunny'. She asks me lots of questions and assures me she can help, I am feeling quite relaxed. She says hold the line and she will put me through to the person who can really help me. The phone rings my saviour is about to answer. 'You have reached the mail box of Kumar, I am out of the office..........aargh.

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