Nov 5, 2006

Strange Site 'Episcopal Majority'

I came upon this strange site, by chance recently. It purports to be the majority of Episcopalians who are getting together to fight a group of evil traditionlists who are attempting to take over the world and the Episcopal Church in America. Apparently the arch fiends involved in this evil attack are black people from Africa, from that part of the world that used to be blank on the old maps before the British Empire(another evil thing) One of the odd things about this group is they are also all members of other groups fighting the evil blacks, groups which have such names as 'Integrity' and 'Via Media'(middle way for the ignorant). Another group calls itself 'Thinking Anglicans' as opposed to non 'Thinking Anglicans'. One member I spotted was even a Druid. Episcopal Majority!!!

Episcopal Majority

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