Oct 15, 2008

1066 and All That

I was looking on my library shelves and found a copy of "1066 and All That" published in 1930 it is still a very amusing book. Below is a Test paper from the first Chapter

    UP TO THE END OF 1066

    1.Which do you consider were the more
    alike, Caesar or Pompey, or vice versa ? (Be brief).

    2. Discuss, in latin or gothic (but
    not both), whether the Northumbrian Bishops were more schismatical
    than the Cumbrian Abbots. (Be bright.)

3. Which came first, A.D. or B.C. ? (Be careful.)

4. Has it never occurred to you that the Romans counted backwards ? (Be honest.)

5. How angry would you be if it was suggested

(1) That the Xth Chap. of the

Consolations of Boethius was an interpolated palimpsest?

(2) That an eisteddfod was an agricultural implement ?

6. How would you have attempted to deal

1. The Venomous Bead ?

  1. A Mabinogion or Wapentake ? (Be

7. What would have happened if (a) Boadicea had been the daughter of Edward the Confessor ? (b) Canute had succeeded in sitting on the waves ? Does it matter ?

8. Have you the faintest recollection

(I) Ethelbreth

  1. Athelthral ?

    3.Thruthelthrolth ?

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