Oct 23, 2008

The Sadness of Atheism

I am using a widget? on my blog called Scoutle. It is supposed to find me like minded bloggers, but all i seem to be being linked with are pro-atheist blogs. Having looked at these blogs they strike me as being rather sad. They are promoting their belief or no belief that there is no such thing as a god. That life is essentially meaningless apart from the meaning we can give it ourselves. But as there is no meaning or purpose in life apart from the meaning or purpose I give it myself. No purpose or meaning is more valid than any other. So I ask myself why are these atheists so angry because people belive something. As it does not matter what one believes in the long or the short run. We all cease to exist, the world will cease to exist, everything will cease to exist. It will be as if we had never been as there is nothing to notice our coming or going. One statement in the bible is true for the atheist at least 'vanity all is vanity'

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